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Problem with analog output


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I don't have time tonight to load this into my Unistream with UIA-0006, drag the scope out, and live test this. Going from your results here is what I would try:

1- Change the frequency.frequency100mS contact in Rung one to a PTC "-[P]-" contact

2- Change the frequency.frequency100mS contact in Rung two to a NTC "-[N]-" contact

3-Tag the B side of the two STORE blocks directly to the AO register. UniL will allow it, I tried. Unless you have a reason you need to intermediate the values.

4- disable rung 3

5-Download and test

Should work as follows: ON rising edge of 50% duty cycle 100mS time base #7000 will load in the AO's register, on the falling edge #700 will load to AO reg.

You're over doing it by reloading the same value every scan for each 50 mS, It's a retentive register not a charge pump. Rung 3 seems redundant in the context of the rungs displayed. I'm not seeing your entire program. Please share the results of this simple logical alteration. IF this still gives erratic results as seen on scope THEN post and I'll try to recreate. Have you contacted Unitronics support team yet? Hopefully this post will get some more exposure and suggestions soon.




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5 hours ago, oobretenov said:

Hi thank you for the replay.

By the way we have checked with UIA-0402N and it works perfect

may be the problem is hardware issue with UIS-WCB1


Report your findings to Unitronics support. Success with 0402N would prove it's not a coding problem.  i don't have a WBC1 to try with. 

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