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Using beckhoff BK5120 | CANopen Bus Coupler and KL3061 analog input on Unitronics PLC V1210

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Hi everybody.

I need some help because I have an issue, trying to use a Beckhoff BK5120 | CANopen Bus Coupler with a V1210 PLC


with the next configuration 

4 KL1114 DIGITAL INPUT (4 SINKING)        
2 KL1408 DIGITAL INPUT (8 SINKING)        
1 KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT    


The issue that I have is that I've never used a Beckhoff  KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT    and I don't know how to set up the Unitronics V1210 PLC CANopen configuration in the VisiLogic Software.

Also, I'd like to know which function can I use to read the analog input. 

Does anybody did that before? I'll appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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  • MVP 2023

You must build minimal Canopen configuration based on BK5110 (used  only  one of IO module).

Please read


page 114 about canopen configuration for this type of coupler.

Then use  Visilogic help with CANopen sample code to build CANopen net step by step .

Only after succesfull run CAN you  must add another exp. modules and try to read


page 29 about memory mapping for analog input .

In that way i tryed  to build my first CANopen with Lenze servo.  Now it looks like simple for me, but at start i had the same problem.

Best regard


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