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HMI screen after "Download all" action


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Dears All,

just a quick question...I create 3 screens: MAIN, secondary A and secondary B. Main can "load" one of the secondary screnns by two buttons that include the "load screen" action (no retained bit to load the screens).

If during a test in the PLC I select a secondary screen and I found that some modification is needed in the program and I done these modification and I do "download all" ...what should be the screen that I have to see in the PLC after the reboot?...main or the secondary where I was?

I done this question because the screen that I have, after the reboot by "download all" is the secondary; if I turn OFF and ON the PLC I have the MAIN as first.


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Downloading the program has no effect on which screen is displayed on the HMI - that is controlled by the logic of your program. Upon reboot or power cycle, the HMI screen that is in bold in the Solution Explorer on the left of your UniLogic screen will always be displayed first.

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ORSO2001, you are correct.

We keep the last screen, and if you are downloading the same project (even with Download All), then we do not reset it back to the main screen. Only if you download a different project, or the last screen does not exist, then we go back to the main screen.

A total Reboot, or power off and on starts the PLC from main screen, and it is only logical that it will happen. 

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