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In what processor UniStream use?


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I can't resist the temptation to chime in on this one.  First, let us refer to my rant from last year on this very topic.....


@korenje - Judging from the location of the post you are talking about the UniStream platform.  I agree with your position that they are expensive.  They are, depending on what you need your controller to do.

If you just need a PLC and a screen, the Samba is totally the way to go for less than half the price. 

A UniStream is two controllers - a Linux box running the panel with another CPU module dedicated to the logic.  The IoT champions of the world have been screaming for computer-like behavior from a machine controller, and the Unistream does that by marrying a computer with a monitor to a controller.  

Don't compare our stuff to a cell phone.  Those are manufactured by the millions and sold at WalMart.

Joe T.

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