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Edit the IP address edit via HMI instead of UniApps


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I would like to allow someone to edit their panel IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS through the HMI instead of UniApps. I provided IP address edit boxes on the HMI and linked them to the appropriate functions and unchecked the read only box. It doesn’t work, the addresses revert to the ones in UniApps. Am I missing something?

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I confirmed that it happens, and I understand why: When you change the IP address then it conflicts with the default gateway and vice versa.
(By conflict, I mean that the first 3 octets of the IP Address and the default gateway do not match), so it reverts them back.

We'll check this issue, and look for a possible solution.  For now, an official bug record was opened.

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please can you give me an update to this topic? I always get the message "Change fail, not in range" if the default gateway is not set to 0.

With the VisiLogic PLC it was possible to configurate the IP address with a ladder instruction. Each of our facilities has a unique number and according to this number we generate an IP address.
So for us it would be great to have this function also in the UniLogic. (It dosn't matter if a restart von the PLC is required)

It would also be nice to have the Modbus Communication IP as tag value instead of an static IP.

Modifing the CPU IP on the HMI has no affect at all. Is this only possible in the UniApp?


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Would also like to see a similar IP Address feature.   Ability to set IP Addresses as Retained Tag Values directly in UniLogic.   (Panel IP / CPU IP / Ethernet IP Scanners / etc.)
I'm guessing it's easier said than done (or maybe there's a reason it shouldn't be done someone can explain.) 
I have multiple projects all with the exact same code except for IP Addresses which have to be set manually in UniLogic every time for a download / update. 
Would be neat to not have to keep track of these numbers where something as simple as below example would work.


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