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How to input password

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Dear Gentleman,

We have an compressor with unitronics controller and I am unable to input the password. Basically I do not know the keyboard combinations in order to input 0100 pasword (I think). 

The company who sold the compressor has bankrupt and there is no support at all. 


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First please note that Unitronics company is the PLC manufacture and as I understand KOMSAN is the company that made the machine using our PLC.

In general to enter a value via the keypad is done by pressing on the key numbers.

If you dont know the password then you will have to find a contact person from the company that made this machine.

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If  the screen is blinking usually it means that the screen is reloading but since I'm not familiar with the application I cannot tell.

Maybe try to use the arrows to move between displays.

Anyway as mentioned try to find a contact person from the company that made this machine.

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I have try everything.  The only thing that it works is if we long press "i" we will access the menu. I can navigate thru this menu till I get the point "RUN". If I hit "enter" the PLC go back to above  menu which means in Turkish enter the password. 

The main problem is that I cannot enter any password or  I do not know the keyboard combination in order to be able to enter the password. 

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Dear Bogdan, 

I was a Komsan worker. nıow I made my private business at Airkom Komrpesor and can solve your jazz problems. if the display blinking the paramters were gone. you need connection to the plc and enter the parameters.  Mostl probably the battery should be changed. if you dont use it more than a few weeks battery life time can be finish. 

you can check my new jazz program for Komsan or standart compressor on yotube. 

mustafa bal 



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