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Compare ASCII String to a number of characters


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I am working on a project that requires an operator to enter a field (on the HMI Screen) by scanning a bar code.  I want to be able to confirm that the scanned field has a specific number of characters.  

The field is linked to a tag that is an ASCII string.  It will be an alphanumeric string 25 characters long, and I want to confirm that the scan in fact inputs all 25 characters.  

Any thoughts on how to do that would be much appreciated!

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13 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

Have you tried the String Length function (in the strings menu)?


Joe T.

Thanks for the reply Joe Tauser, that looks like exactly what I was looking for! (Not sure how I overlooked it...)

I'm not sure what to put in the B field, if I want to confirm that the Source String is 10 characters, what would I put in the "Length Result" (B field)?

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