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Good night.

First I sorry for english.

I'm have working with the PLC V350-J-TR20. I need help with PTO functions, especially with creation of channel.

When download a error appears saying that on  (PTO: SET Move "The channel is not initialized").

Follow the prints.


PTO move: MI 8 status PTO=3

PTO stop: MI 9 status PTO=3






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I have looked at your program.

A Few Issues :

Program :

     Net 3   -- 3   Logical  Different Statements in the net.   Separate into 3 separate Nets .

                          Unitronics  Nets prefer 1 Logical Statement per net.  --  Makes for easier troubleshooting later.

 Repeat for net 6  -  separate into 2 nets


      You do not have to setup the PWM outputs   --  That is done as part of the PTO Configuration internally.



There is an example program    Help-Examples  etc  PTO  for V350 -35-TR35

Attached is the Unitronics Sample , modified for the TR20.   This has been tested and works   (Visilogic 9.8.79 Beta)

      ( No Motor  attached for my testing, Simulation using resistors as load:   4.7K  on Out 6 to +24V, Wire from Out 6 to IN 0 ( Config  as High Speed Input , ML3, NPN Inputs)

        ( The number below the direction arrow is the feedback from  Output6  -- like an encoder input  -- Just show that the Output is actually pulsing )

Use the Example as a guide.









V350-TR20_PTO example plus Jogging-A.VLP

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