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UniLogic Rung comments too small

Joe Tauser

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  • MVP 2023

Hi Joe, As I'm not really into Unilogic, I only have 1.18.60 on my system for occasional playing around.

It appears to handle comments fine.  See attachments.  It will automatically roll into another line and open a scroll bar if necessary.  I was simply playing galloping horses on the keyboard.


Same thing but with the ladder area widened.


Wondering if it might be another hiccouph in the new release?

Incidentally, and probably another topic, I was intrigued that I couldn't open my simple test program if I clanged the Unitronics.Notifier.exe after program open but before opening the ulpr.  What exactly does this part of Unilogic do?  Hmmm?!!

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

That is the Region Comment.


The rung comment is a different story.  Right click in a network downstream from the first one-


You still get to type as much as you want, but this is all you see-


I couldn't figure out how to display more of the comment.  But then again, I am hand dyslexic.  Maybe I have to pinky-click.  😊

Joe T.


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  • MVP 2023

No.  I tried pinky-click all over the place and I get your result.  Sorry about the wrong comment selection.  I can open a scroll command box, I can open the font format etc, but I can't make the comment space any bigger either, and I spent 10 minutes hunting around playing "find the hidden control".  It looks like a bug to me, as the thing on the RHS looks like the top of a scroll bar that I assume is meant to be showing completely when you choose to see a comment.  Perhaps the creators think that hovering is the best way to see the full comment...that works, but is a bit impractical. 

cheers, Aus

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