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Data table transfer to PC/Server

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I almost finished my project, only one thing left to do here: 

I have a data table where data from sensors  and calculation are written. I need to transfer this table to PC and update it every 7 days. Also I need that table would be readable with excel. How can I do it ?  every option for  this transfer is  relevant. (I mean ethernet cable, wifi , usb cable) .  If it is not possible to send directly to PC then it maybe possible to send this data table via email ?  that also would  work for me. 



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Flex727 I am using  V1210. I looked into examples and figured that it is possible to send table  via email in . udt  file format. But I never see a file in .udt format so I am not sure if it is possible to convert this kind of file to format that excel could read. ?  If  .udt file  is possible to convert in format which is readable by excel then it is probably best solution for my problem. 

Cam and JohnR:  You are probably talking about the same tool. I look up to it and found few tutorials I will try to watch it and run it tomorrow when my head will be a bit more brighter.


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Within DataXport you will create a "site",

Under Design, you create;
the comms connection of the PLC (PLC name, IP address, port etc.),
the data table you want
set a schedule for it to run

Under Project/Excel/.cvs file properties. you define the folder on your PC to store file.

And you can also setup emails for the report.





You can also do this manually within Visilogic;
insure you can connect to the PLC,
while offline, open the Data Table and click the icon that says "read data structure and files from PLC"
highlight the cells you want to save and click the "export to excel icon"


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So  I watch several tutorials and this one seems that could solve some of my problems:  "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX8jwYt6zLA"

So if I am getting it right: I should select 7 days period of time and then table I want will be  placed in my PC.  But I am not getting how this works ?  Is enough that PC has to be on and have direct connection to PLC that this would work ? 


About .udt files I found out there is a utility SD card suite which I believe could convert .udt files to other format. Problem here that I don'c have access to PLC right now and I will only have it in few weeks. So maybe anyone could share  .udt file which I could test on SD manager suite ?   

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