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Unknown PLC model


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I'm trying to connect to my M90 PLC using the remote operator.

After defining the communication settings and clicking RUN, I get error "Unknown PLC model".

The PLC responds to the /00IDED command with: /A00IDB1A B3800503.

Could it be that I should enter the PLC name in the connection settings dialog? What could the value be? From the PLC menu I can find at least following information: OPLC:M90-19-B1A.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Edit: A little while after posting I had this thought....Lauka...are you talking about the PC version of Remote Op, or the mobile version?  The mobile version only does what kratmel says.  My comments were done thinking your were referring to the PC versions.  Read on!

I have to offer a contradiction here to kratmel.  I can log into a 130 easily enough on Remote Operator.  Also, and to quote from the help file:  "This utility can be used with Vision, M90/91, and Jazz controllers. Enhanced Vision controllers require O/S versions 5.00 and higher; other series are compatible regardless of OS version."

However, I haven't actually ever tried to connect to an M90 so can't assure Lauka that it will work.  I actually prefer to use Remote Access, which can be set up very easily as multiple instances, which effectively function much better in real life.  I had trouble accessing linked canbus units on RO due to name issues and in frustration gave up, likely too quickly!

Remote Access also supposedly connects to lesser versions....Jazz, M90 etc, so give this a go, Lauka and come back to us with your results.  You might have a connection problem, rather than the program playing up.

For multiple instance setup, read all of the topic associated with this post:

cheers, Aus

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As i see in Visilogic section of Software Utilities download  present Remote Access  and Remote Operator,

in U90 ladder section of Software Utilities only Remote Access  present.

7 hours ago, lauka said:

I'm trying to connect to my M90 PLC using the remote operator. 

Maybe someone on forum try to use Remote Operator (PC version) for M90?

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Well, the M90-19-B1A should be recognized by both the communication driver and Remote Operator, and when I tool the string you posted, it didn't recognize it as a valid PLC string, but then I noticed that it contains a lot of invisible characters, so I'm not sure if its because the forum somehow added those extra characters.

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