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Comparison with Siemens


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I'm new to Unitronics and chose to get acquainted in order to have an alternative system to offer to the Craft Brewing industry without the costs of Siemens.

In converting the template program from Siemens TIA S7 I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.
Inevitably there were a few things not so easy so the following are things I am either too ignorant (as yet) to do in Unilogic or might be  considered for the future.

1. Structures within Structures (Nested Structures) or Arrays of Structures - would be very useful

2. Template HMI screen with zones that are coded once then appear on every screen sourced from that template without having to copy them in for each screen

3. Ability to select multiple HMI objects, even of different types, and change a common property once (e.g. Height)

Overall, very impressed

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5 hours ago, NoamM said:

Hi argdman,

"Custom Control" apply this functionality


Hi NoanM

Thanks for you suggestion .

As I aid I'm very new to Unilogic. Looking at User Controls I see I can create a custom set of items and save them as an object to be re-used.

But would I not have to copy this onto each screen I developed?

The feature I described from Siemens is where you define a template screen which has some items common to every page - e.g. a "Home" button, time display etc.
Each screen you develop from that template screen shows these items.
If you then add to or delete the items on template screen they change in all the child screens developed from it.

If I develop a custom control with a "Home" button, then drop this onto each screen, is not the screen load destination blank on each instance of the control?
I.e.  do I not have to program the control on every screen to go to the Home screen?



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