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Analog Output

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Yes.  The value in the linked MI is NOT the voltage you want out of the output,  a value of 5 in the MI is not going to reference pretty much 0 volts

The output has a 12 bit resolution. meaning 2^12=4096

so your MI can have a value of 0-4096   0=0V on the output while 4095=10V   5V would be around 2048.

If you want to put a value in a MI and have the output respond to that IE 5 in the MI gets you 5V you need to look at the linerization function.


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It's not that simple.  The analog output is controlled by a D/A converter in the PLC.

Go back and look at the specifier's guide for the -UA24 under that analog outputs section.  If you have the output configured for voltage then you need to pump a number from 0-4095 to the mapped MI.  So a value of 2047 should give you 5 volts.

This level of questioning indicates you need some basic instruction on how PLCs work.  Can you work with the person you bought this from to get some help?

Joe T.


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