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(Ausman note edited in......Today in installing UniDownLoader (to see if I could help on another issue!) I found that it corrupted the use of the .evb file across everything that uses it.  The fix shown below cured the problem.  I could still open Communication-PC Settings to take a screenshot of all the connections (so that I could retype them all), but any connection attempt using a variety of programs brought up the "No PLC is currently selected " error mentioned at the top of this topic)

Open favorites (if possible) and make snapshot to save for feature reference.

Close Unitronics applications/programs.

Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Unitronics" and rename "Eth_Favorites.evb" file to "Eth_Favorites.evb.old".


Create favorites again.

It should work.

*Favorites file somehow damaged.


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