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Unistream vs Ex-Rc1 communication


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Hello again - as said earlier I'm starting up a project with Unistream hooked to an Ex-Rc1 and D16-A3  

Thanks to you guys, I've managed to go through the config procedure as described in the training procedure:

  • Configure Ex-Rc1  and the IO unit in Visilogic and export the config to Unilogic
  • Read it by Unilogic and export the in/out files to Visilogic and download it to the Ex-Rc1
  • Verify that can ID on Unistream is 1 and 2 on the Ex-rc1 (dip on 2 also) .  Baudrate 1Mb on both
  • Test the D16-A3 IO from Visilogic - could both see input signals and set output from Visilogic
  • In Unilogic I can see the image of the IO modules and their IO, but if I try to watch an input or set an output - nothing happens on the IO hardware???

Do I need to do something more than the configs, like some CAN send/receive in ladder?   Can I see somewhere if the CAN is operating as supposed?


Thanks,  Bjarni






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Hi Bjarni

Thats what I mean.

You have wired the same at both ends, but I think the L and H of the connectors are not the same on the units.



Sorry - I was looking at the wrong wiring diagram. Please ignore the advice above.

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Incorrect information
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  • MVP 2023

The IO Comm light on the -RC1 is on, so it thinks everything is good.  But the PLC program is sitting idle.

Your configuration looks correct

Please post both your UniStream program and your RC1 program so we're not guessing at what's inside the programs.

You can also open a ticket with support@unitronics.com

Joe T.

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