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Pointers for newbie in UniStream


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Hi all,
ive been working with visilogic for a few years now and am reasonable with it. I am trying to learn UniStream.

It is very different and im struggling to get my head round it, sometimes even the basics. As I don't do a lot of it I spend a few hours at it and then don't touch it for a while, I then forget what ive learned.

Do yo chaps have any pointers for me please? 

Im starting with a USP 070 B08. Id like to use it as a master to talk to a slave v350 over modbus just using it as a remote screen hmi for now. There doesn't seem to be any examples like there was in visilogic which is a shame as they are very useful.


Any help greatly appreciated. Steve

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Yes, you can download examples but it is a pain in the backside to

1) close your existing project

2) open the example project

3) wait for it to be converted to the current Unilogic version.

4) copy the ladder rungs that you are interested in

5) close the example project

6) open the original project

7) paste the ladder rungs

8 ) find that you are missing some module or another that is stored in the example project

9) repeat from 1


I have lost count of the number of hours that I have wasted trying to find help files or information on otherwise undocumented functions.

Relying on example files would not be so bad if you could open a second instance of unistream to view the example alongside your application, but you cant do that either.


Is it too much to ask for a manual or at the very least accurate/complete help files.

I avoided using Unistream when it first came out to allow time for this kind of thing to be sorted - looks like I should have waited for longer......


On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 2:55 PM, Flex727 said:

There are example projects - you just have to download them separately. Go Here:




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Working with UniLogic (programming UniStream series PLCs) is as simple as you find it.

It is different from Vision series, as a operands and IO organization/addressing is different.

Many peoples are complying for "pure"Help.

It is not right.

Help include many information.

Help-like behavior added to all UniLogic operations by use of pop-up descriptions.

Move mouse over capital letters of functional blocks and you will see pop-up descriptions.

The same about other programming environment elements.

There is so much to write... Just ask specific question and anybody at this forum will tell you how to find solution or find information.

It is impossible to build project by copy-paste from examples.

Much better to build project when you understand what you should program.

Other way to start learning is to follow e-learning links from VisiLogic Help.

Or search for youtube in UniLogic Help.

Follow links.


There is a new Helpdesk portal


Enter keyword to search and look for solutions.

 Ask forum members.



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