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Store DTI to file - Append not working with "Only csv"


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I'm trying to build a log for my system using the Store DTI to File function. This runs after the struct containing the date is inserted into row 0 of a table, which should be appended immediately to the log file. The writes are sufficiently spaced (~30 minutes) that the SD write interval isn't an issue.

I've found that when using option 2 "Only CSV" for the "Create CSV" input (F), the file is simply overwritten, and only ever contains 1 row. Option 1 "Create CSV  File (All - udtf,csv,csv.zip)" does append correctly.

In both cases "Append to File" (E) is set to 1 "Data will be appended to the file".

This looks like a bug to me, and combined with the missing documentation for those options, I've wasted a little more time than I'd like trying to figure that out. Option 1 is an acceptable workaround, so I don't need further support, but this should be fixed.


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Dear Sandy,
For now you have to use "1" in "F" parameter in order to get the CSV you want as a workaround. I will check the issue.

'Store DT To File' Ladder utility:

  • Parameter in
    • A, Data Table to store
    • B, Start row in store file
    • C, Target file name
    • D, Number of rows
    • E, Append to file (0 – Overwrite, 1 – Append)
    • F. Create CSV (0 - No CSV, 1 – All files, 2 – Only CSV, 3 – Only CSV.zip)
    • G, CSV file delimiter
  • Parameter out
    • H, status
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I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the file on the SD card that contains the raw DT data saved, are the UDTF files.
The CSVs are just "copies". If you want to make an "append", you will have to read the DT on the SD, via the UDTF file (which will be automatic).
Then the UDTF file will be written with a new line, and the CSV will be copied from this new UDFT (the timing may be different).
IF the UDTF does not exist... it will be as if the CSV is empty.
At least that's how I understood it.

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