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SmartPhone use options


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Hello. I'm doing my first plc project.  I have a task to communicate with controler via smartphone using RemoteOperator app with variety of connection options.

So, from my understanding, I can do it using GSM(or 3/4g?) modem via rs-232 port on my plc, or using additional ethernet card and connecting to LAN with access to internet.

In both cases I need to have static IP for PLC. With modem I can buy this service, and with LAN I should somehow assign static IP to my PLC.

Do I understand it correctly?

(PLC model in question is  V350-35-TU24)


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Yes.  You'll have to send them a text from within your ladder logic. 

Vision series Email blocks are not capable of using an email server that uses SSL, so you'll need to set up an account with a non-secure email server.  The only public one we know of that can still do this is SMTP2GO.  Look at the Example project for Email on how to set this up.

Check out this post-

 Joe T. 

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