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Option to close project


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I would like to suggest that "Close Project" be added to UniLogic.

An example scenario would be if I've been playing around inside a project but I don't want to save it, I can close the project, select not to save and then open another project, instead of having to exit UniLogic and then re-open it.

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Swervo, don't forget my practice of printing to pdf, which then lets you easily have a view of another ladder structure for visual cues for actual assembly work.  In Visi I often do this instead of running another instance, especially when only having a laptop screen to work with.

cheers, Aus

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Thanks for the tip about printing to PDF! It looks like it displays twice the number of tag characters as the editor itself - I wish this was possible in the editor.

I've tried installing UniLogic in a Linux VM with Wine and in Windows Sandbox. Sadly SQL Server doesn't work under either.

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