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Controlling a Schleuniger Wire Stripper from a PLC


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unable to figure out where to start with controlling a wire stripper to the PLC. there is no ethernet port on the wire stripper, but there is a USB port, so we are unsure how to address it in the programming and how to control it. we are hoping to be able to tell the wire stripper what gauge of wire it is stripping and many other portions. Please let me know what you have found or recommend for starting and implementing for this project.

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That pdf really doesn't say much.  What you need to do is contact Schleuniger direct and ask them the question of what is available and how  the unit handles those possibilities.

Further to my interpretation of that brochure about what the stripper does, what is it that you are actually wanting to do involving the plc?  To me it looks like if you introduced a wire to the stripper correctly in a mechanical  sense, the stripper would then do it's job without any further intervention.  A simple time delay on the mechanical presentation by the plc would be all that is required.  Present it, wait a moment, take it away.  But maybe that's not what you are wanting to do.

cheers, Aus

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12 hours ago, MaintenenceENG said:

but we have no other information, and no idea where to start

Start by registering on this web page - 


And downloading and post this manual-


Also +1 to what Ausman says - call the manufacturer directly and tell them what you are trying to do.  What part of the world do you live in?

Joe T. 

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