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DC current transducer

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Hey All,

I have a little project where I want to monitor DC current in a panel where there is currently mechanical amp meters.

I'm trying to find some sort of a DC current transducer 0-10Adc input (minimum), that will give me a 0-10Vdc output.

A search of the web brought up little results, so I thought I'd ask the community if anyone has any suggestions...


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I love the way the forum opens up sources I've never found.  Joe's recommendation has lots of goodies.

A supplier I occasionally use here in Aus has lots of things like this: 



I have never used but have been seriously considering this next one for a special project.  It has 2 things that appeal, it does both modbus and 0-10, and it is AC or DC and can be bipolar.    



cheers, Aus

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