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How to connect USP 156 B10 to USC B5 B1


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Hi i am new to unistream  i would like to know is there a webinar to explain how to get an USP  156 B10   with no snap in cpu at the back but to opperate with an USC B5 B1   din rail mounted controler with a ethernet cable , how to configure and do i need to write a line of logic for it to work  , hope someone can help me please    Thank you.

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You don't need any logic.  Enable the VNC server on the USC-B5-B1 (it's under Password Management).  On your USP-156 go to UniApps, turn on the VNC client, and point it at the IP of the USC.

Let us know if you have more questions and post any programs you're having trouble with.

Joe T. 

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Thanks  for your help   Joe I made some progress I can connect with VNC but I am having problems it might be with the resolution setting ,

but as this USP 156  B10   panel is going to be   permanently    connected to  the USC  B5 B1 as  part of the project and be the  only operating  HMI panel  for this machine   I want it to connect  to the USC B5  automatically when it boots up  without having to go to the Uniapps to connect every time,  is this possible can you advise me how I can achieve this .

Thanks Eddie


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USP-156-B10 not designed to be a VNC client.

1. From "UniApps->System->Control" mark "Ignore CPU Events" and press "Apply".

2. In "UniApps->System->Display & Audio" press on "Run us Unistream Display". This will reboot system.

3. After system reboot you will see VNC Client display, where you define required connection.

*Download empty project to PLC before use it as VNC Client.

*In some conditions you may be required to repeat stated steps.



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