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Smart home using UniStream


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I have not but am strongly considering a unistream 10.4 multi-touch for this purpose, or possibly a lower end model and VNC from a tablet.

It has so many built in Coms I think they would be great.  I would need these questions answered (through research) before I decided to pull the trigger.

Possible to interface with Mqtt? For voice control through voice assistant, cell phone app, and PLC control of existing networked smart "things".

Power/cost study to determine if I can make the distances I would need to my entire property with centralized I/O or do I need networked distributed I/O w/local Power supply.

To be honest I wish they made a POE arduino nano/micro/esp  for this purpose.

I hate changing batteries so while something like a battery powered ESP32 would be great (2 cores, wifi, etc.) I need something that is POE or hardwired to central/distributed  I/O


I'm sure you could do PC control for cheaper but I'm so familiar with the Unistream the cost difference is much less important then the learning curve and hardware/software troubleshooting.


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I have a unistream running my entire house, i use vision plcs around the home in different outstations using wifi to communicate the modbus, ie temps of rooms, lights etc. It also controls my pond pumps and sensors. This cuts down on the wiring running around the house dramatically.


I use a vnc prog that is constantly running on an iPad in the hallway.


It works really really well.



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On 8/26/2020 at 2:00 AM, Swervomotor said:

I wish they made a POE arduino nano/micro/esp  for this purpose.

In starting to look at possibly doing the same sort of thing, I stumbled on these.  All sorts of other interesting things at this site.  I'm also sure that these days there would be other suppliers.  But the fact that such things are available does change thinking to some degree.

@sasdiscos  Steve, is this all still working as you wanted it to?

cheers, Aus




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