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Hi all,

I want to set up a counter that will record the number of times various buttons are pressed on a Samba 7".  In itself not a problem, but I want the result to be safe from initialisation.  I thought about doing a data table but it seems a bit long winded.  Is there a method I can use where the result from an incrementing counter can be saved permanently?

I have had a good browse around the forum, but am probably using the wrong search phrases.

Any pointers or advice will be appreciated


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19 hours ago, Flex727 said:

What do you mean by "permanently"? All register values are automatically retained unless they are assigned a Power-Up value or the PLC is powered off with a dead battery.

An installation I did in 2018 had a city wide power outage recently, and 8 out of 10 Sambas had to be reinitialised in order to restart.   They got stuck on the splash logo. 

I have since updated the OS, loaded a newer version of the application and everything is fine.  However I want to know how the users are using the system, and I do not want to lose that data through a potential future initialisation.  

My question was to learn if there is a more elegant method of saving this type of incrementing data without using tables.  I make certain assumptions : batteries will go flat, power will fail, and no matter how smart the system may be, an idiot will find a way to screw it up.

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5 hours ago, Patrick said:

batteries will go flat, power will fail, and no matter how smart the system may be, an idiot will find a way to screw it up.

Than you have some option without data table:

1) use Vision controller with SD card and save log file to SD card.

2) use external controller with communication option to store data via Samba digital I/O, com or Eternet port.

Something like this


3) use networking to send information on remote storage.

4) use CCTV camera with remote datalogging for fix all user action :)


But the best solution is to examine Samba installation for back EMF, EMI and grounding issue.

I install several Samba and Vision on different machine. If some of them

5 hours ago, Patrick said:

got stuck

I found external problem with system setup and no problem in PLC. 

Than Download and burn option used and some selftesting ladder performed for correct data to the normal basic (factory) settings if battery replace needed.

Info mode is disabled via SI.

All user data and procedures is printed on paper, laminated and fixed inside control box. 

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I have already purchased a Vision which will act as controller over an Ethernet network and will allow remote access, but have not yet finished the application.  I will add an SD card.

I have set up a table in each samba, after 15 minutes inactivity the screen turns off (backlighting off, black screen loads) and i tacked on the save  to table after this.  It works perfectly and is not chewing up resources.

I also suspect a grounding /  EMI issue as I sometimes have erratic reading from the encoders.


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