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Office 2016 64-bit


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Hello Guys,

We have a excel sheet collecting data from a v530 PLC, This works fine in Office 2016 32bit using UnCmDrv1.dll file.

But when i install Office 2016 64 bit its not working anymore. 

I get error message: Runtime error '-2147221164 (80040154)': Class not registred

I did check in the vb code and Dll is found under tool--> references


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It's probably not going to work.  All the Unitronics Visilogic code and drivers are written in VB6, which doesn't play well with 64 bit applications.  I've had the same problem at one of my customers with Office, and I pretty much put my foot down that they had to stay with the 32 bit version.  I'm sure their IT department thinks I'm a Neanderthal and why can't I just get with the times.

Send a request to Official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com and let us know what they come back with.

Joe T. 


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Bearing in mind Joe's perfectly valid points, just out of curiosity what file type is this being saved in?  xls or xlsx?  Or perhaps another variation of the later file types?

If it is done in any of the later file types, and you change the initial save to earlier types, does it then work? 

If it is done in the later version and you simply drop the later file type appendage, like x or b etc off the file name, what happens then? You will likely get a requester saying it is a bit sus, but it might then open.

cheers, Aus

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