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Use 3 different Unilogic PLC/HMI units go to 1 Allen Bradley PLC?


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By "Allen Bradley PLC" I'm guessing you don't mean a PLC 5, a SLC 500, or a uLogix 1000.

1.  You'll need to add a network.

2.  Set each Unitronics as an Ethernet I/P Scanner (master) and you can write to the AB.  Or set each Unitronics as an Adapter and the AB can be programmed to read from them. 

Either of these will "probably" work, but my experience with Ethernet I/P is if all communicating devices don't bear the AB logo then it's going to be glitchy. 


For Ethernet I/P -


Scanner = Master

Adapter = Slave

I will continue to use this politically incorrect but much more clear language until I am dead.  The same applies to Client/Server.



Joe T.

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