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Remote operation according to schedule

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Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding the Unitronics Vision 570 controller. We are currently using a V570 in combination with a remote I/O module to control resistors that are used to simulate electric loads. The Problem I am trying to solve is the following:

We set up a manual control via the touch display of the 570 and are now aiming to run long term endurance simulations. This requires the PLC to operate by itself for long periods of time according to a predefined schedule. I understand that the PLC offers elements such as Time/Date-Functions. However, the more elegant solution from my point of view would be to create an interface that allows programming of these schedules with excel that are then transferred to the PLC. For this the RS232 connector that is used for programming would be used. Is this a possible and viable option or am I getting ahead of myself here?

Thank you for your assistance!


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I agree that the solution you are offering is more elegant. However, transferring CSV or Excel files to the PLC, is impossible.

For this need I recommend using a Visual Basic program. Please find an example of this attached.

Note that the VB code is implemented in the Excel macro.

Another option is to import a CSV file to a Data Table in VisiLogic and then write it to a Data Table in the PLC:


post-130-073472000 1311229748_thumb.jpg

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Hi Marco,

Please compile the solution as x86 and test. Does it works?


You mean the converted project? 

I can't find a option to convert to x86 from the original files.


And so, i still havn't been able to convert it to vb.net 2010. 

Edited by Marco G
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