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I am trying to see what would it take to convert my visilogic programs to unilogic. I use a lot of drum sequencer in visilogic. I am playing with unilogic examples/drum. 
first question. How can I remove row 0 so the table starts with 1 (it would be step 1)? 
next how can I use a preset timer to jump to next step instead of time column? Can I delete time column?

as you can tell, I am new to this :)

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@TozoM8 - For some reason I can't download this.  I'll send you a PM and have you email it to me.

57 minutes ago, TozoM8 said:

It is a mixing machine that mixes back and forth for a couple minutes then runs the material into an opener that chews it up a bit to have a perfect mix.

For public commentary purposes I did a large washing machine a little while back that basically does the same thing in Vision.  Of course I did it in my State Machine programming style, which translates to any brand or platform of PLC.  You're banging your head on the Drum (HA! I kill me!  😆). 

Joe T.


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22 hours ago, Flex727 said:

I'm going to say this program wins the all-time award for most creative use of element connecting lines. Here is my favorite:


By the way, there are as many ways to program as there are programmers, but here is how I would have done that logic:


Unless it's something very, very simple, you should avoid multiple coils in a single ladder rung. And that is a good general programming technique - work backward from coils to contacts. Determine all the conditions that would activate a coil and place them in a ladder rung. This also helps to prevent placing the same coil in multiple rungs, which is a major no no.

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Had some time to work on the drum. I was able to edit the data table add more columns and run it like the drum sequencer in visilogic. I can't seem to figure out how to change the time format. The unilogic sample drum has a column "time". I can edit it on the plc screen, but is a MI. 1000 means 1 sec. is there a way to change this a timer (mm:ss)? It would be easier for the operator to enter time instead of milliseconds. 

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