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SM35 - communication could not be established due to one of the following

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I try to use unitronics at first time. 

I want to try to write test project with 2 timers (TD and TA) to controller.  When I downloaded program, I got messege that I need to update OS, from help I got steps how to do it.

But I have error when I update program.

Before update I had such version of PLC


Afte update (that was not finished) I got such error


I had many tries with maximum wait for connection. I use  cable MJ10-22-CS25 with another use-to-com converter on Noutbook with windows 10.

Currently it seems that controller is unworkable.

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I have USB-to-COM cable with ch340 chip.

Samba PLC doesn't have any other ports, except that for it's original cable.

I want to replace old Jazz PLC JZ20-J-R16-Y with Samba PLC.

I also failed even to connect to Jazz to upload program from. I used U90 ladder software. May be problem in my OS Windows 10. 


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As for Samba PLC, I succesfully updatet boot loader but afte 10-th tries.Current.thumb.jpg.9b40046dc7385963475464c14b115c01.jpg

And now I can't only update O/S of PLC. PLC use COM port speed 11520 baud/sec, does it's possible to decrease this value with some additional software? I thinks  problem could be in this.

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