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Jazz JZ10-11-R10

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HI All

I am using jazz jz10-11-R10 and I tried connecting with PC but it does not connect, I have same model and it does connect.

same PC, same cables, same settings everything is same but one gets connected straight away but not the other.

I tried (i) + 7 to bootstrap but it stuck on "bootstrap" on screen.

I can see program on screen, edit it, run or stop but can not connect to PC to modify it or take a back up of the program.


Anyone can help to HARD RESET to factory settings so at least I can use it?


Thanks in Advance

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  • MVP 2023

If you use Jazz PRG adapter - please check all pins inside PLC connector. Sometimes one of them bended.

Best way compare pins in working and not working Jazz.  Pleaese note - power pins is longer than IO pins inside PLC.

Sometimes someone insert something inside PRG slot.... but not PRG adapter....

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