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Modbus communication between Samba PLC ad US5 pro


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Hi All,

I am new to programming with VisiLogic and Unistream. 

Here is my little adventure.

I have created a program for control of 3 pumps via timers. The idea is to connect a Samba PLC( Slave) to US 5 (Master)  and the change of the timer's pre-set value of the Master to be read by the Slave . The communication works but when I set the pre-set value of the Master to 5s  the Slave reads it as 50. Does anyone have an idea of where the problem could possibly be .

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It might just be the way numbers are sent between 2 different types of controllers, in that 5 seconds is automatically resolved into tenths of a second.  Can't simple maths fix it?  Or allow that seconds coming are 10 x what you based your initial project on and you simply need to change your project a little.

cheers, Aus 

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21 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

UniStream timers have .001 s resolution, Vision timers are .01 s.

Can you give an example of the tag and register values you are using.  Even better, upload both programs so we can see them.

Joe T.

Hi Joe , 

Thanks for your reply 

Both programs attached 

Thanks again for your help.  

Samba Modbus RS 485 Slave 1.vlp US5 Modbus RS485 Master 1.ulpr

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