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Hi Guys,


I will use a Unistream PLC to retrofit a pressure testing machine.  The system needs to generate a PDF report after the completion of every test.  The report must include the start and end date-time of the test, datalog of pressure value, trend graph of pressure vs time and  the final result of the test (pass or fail). What is the best way to do this? Anyone has made a similar project in the past? It is straightforward to put all this information on the screen, but how to include it in a PDF report?


Best Regards,



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I  build machine with direct print resullt on termal printer. PLC generate report via printer standard lenguage. Work fine.

In your case separate csv to PDF PC based application needed.

In some standard testing station (automotive wire production) only text string go to server and server generated result (pdf) printed on network printer near machine.

All testing result is fixed on server with time stamp.


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I guess the real question is "Does the report's end result pdf have to happen at the same time as the test?"  If not, and can be done later, perhaps even storing data on a card for later report generation might work.  Kratmel's idea is better as it is actual linking of data which can be stored in a few places, which can always be referred back to if there are hiccouphs. 

"Left field" ..........    Have the screen turn on and take an actual picture of it with an external camera, that's saved as a pdf, triggered by the plc?  Or do the same thing as a screenshot on a remote monitoring puter, that perhaps wouldn't even need a screen attached? 

Further on from that idea, is there an inbuilt screenshot facility in UniStream?  Might be worth an ask of the creators as it would likely be a very useful thing to have.

cheers, Aus

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It is possible to use Action from Ladder -> "Take Screenshot":


You can find last screenshot name in next system tag:


The system saves the current HMI screen as a graphic image in jpeg format.

The image is saved, with a time stamp, on the controller's SD card in :\\Media\PrintScreens.

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Thanks to AlexUT for the screenshot hint.

I want to say that the main task in the testing process is to link the tested object with the report.

I solved this problem with the help of a sticker printed by a thermal printer.

Because the serial number is not usually assigned until the device is packed, it is very difficult to distinguish between tested and untested units.

Attaching a camera that will photograph a tag with a unique number on the product and take a screenshot is a good way.

Screenshot of only a set of parameters, even with the test time - an unreliable solution.

Therefore, the author of the topic must determine the sufficient reliability of the received report.


I had a problem with wire testing when an employee didn't check every wire, but only checked one quality sample several times

and printed many correct results - but not all wires were checked.

This is the main problem to be solved by the developer of the testing program.

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