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This guy gets around

Joe Tauser

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OK, so I log onto my identity theft protection website to check something and I see that this guy is who I call if I need technical support:


Wait a minute- he looks oddly familiar. Is he my kid's soccer coach? Was he on the news for shooting up a McDonalds?

No! I've seen this person before!


Same shirt, same tie, except Unitronics has more class and makes him wear a sport coat. I'm wondering if there's a support guy store where you can buy one of these- kind of like Star Wars III - The Clone Wars. I think the cat is out of the bag on the factory in India pumping out support people. I'm sure his name is either "Jason" or "Josh".

Any theories for this phenomenon are welcome.

Joe T.

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(Drat! we've been foiled again!!!)

Um...um....ok, right--it's the work of the Replicants, the Replicants...and there is only one way to protect yourself from this evil!

Get a load of heavy-duty Diamond foil--no subsitutes, Reynold's Wrap won't cut it--TRIPLE-LINE your hats. Then, wall-paper all the rooms of your house--and doing the inside of your car is a good idea as well.

Get cracking, people!!!


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