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Logic operation: OR


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Hello guys,

I was working with siemens TIA portal. Now I want migrate to unitronics. One thing is for me strange.

If i create OR function in tia portal (you can se on image) its work. M0.0 or M0.1 is set Q0.0, but in unilogic it every time reset output also if M0.0 is set to 1. Is there some trick how I can use it similar like in TIA portal.



Thanks for your answers.


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maybe you do not know - Unitronics do not offer embedded simulator in Visilogic and Unilogic.

If you have Unistream on table - you can go online and test your code. You do not pay for software but must test program downloaded to  PLC.

If this function do not work in program downloaded to Unistream PLC - you have another rung in program with the same coil -(  )- Name or this subrouting is not called from main program.

Only one direct coil must be used in program.


In TIA you can use simulation and  run ladder without PLC. But you must pay for software licence and PLC separately.


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4 hours ago, JozefSVK said:

M0.0 or M0.1 is set Q0.0

Also, in your first screenshot you have Q0.1, not Q0.0 as you describe, so perhaps you have some labelling incorrect in your program, which is leading to what Kratmel is referring to when he says: "you have another rung in program with the same coil -(  )-".

cheers, Aus



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