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wrong reading distance meter on vision 130

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Good afternoon.
I'm using v130-33-ta24.
need to show on the screen measurement of a distance meter.
when I have 20mA I have 1000mm and when I have 4mA I have zero.
I'm showing the sensor reading in linearization.
seems to be all wrong, how to make this length reading correct
wrong reading distance meter on vision 130






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1 hour ago, Flex727 said:

Apenas para esclarecer o que o AlexUT está dizendo, sua linearização está assumindo 10 bits, mas sua entrada analógica é de 14 bits. Seu X1 e X2 devem ser 3277 e 16383, respectivamente.

thanks it's true this is reading in the entry 16384 I'll try but please help me. I need to show the 1000mm on the screen


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  • MVP 2023

Are you saying there is a consistent difference of 15mm on the plc result compared to the sensor display?  If so, you adjust this using an identical + or - difference applied to the X1 and X2 so that the input "span" shifts slightly. 

In the real world there will always be slight differences in outputs etc and the best method of adjusting things correctly is seeing what readings are obtained doing physical measuring.  In your case given it is distance, (and the accuracy is not down to microns!!) if you assume that the sensor is displaying things exactly, use online monitoring to find what the input is at exact physical min and max measurements.  Then use these in your X1 and X2 inputs to get the output to exactly match the sensor's reading.

I also strongly suggest you have a good read of this topic to fully understand some of the Linearisation complexities.  I don't think you will encounter these, but keep them in mind.


Also, your question elsewhere about "unsuccessful linearising" is simply solved by swapping X1 & X2.  If the input increases, the distance is getting greater, so your tank level is emptying.  Hopefully you will understand this relationship and realise the simple correction needed.

cheers, Aus

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