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Hey All..

Did I miss some big change to Vision software?

I installed 9.8.94 a couple days ago (just to check out the newer Servo FB's),
and this morning I was surprised with a pop-up stating this was a trial version,
and I had 27 days to register for an activation code or the software would be crippled (in so many words)...

Is there a new philosophy to Uni's software distribution?

I was a bit taken aback by some of the required registration info;
Company Name?    hey, I'm retired and just keeping my mind busy...
Phone Number?     really, I'm gonna post my phone online... I get too many spam/scam calls already...
Full Address?      I can see giving general location for demographics, but again, enough spam/scam mail...

Does anyone else take issue to this, or am I just being fussy?


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30 minutes ago, John_R said:

Did I miss some big change to Vision software?

All version above 9.8.65 require activation. Activation is free, but some info must be sended to Unitronics.
I do not know why it was needed but i think it embeded by request of lawmakers. But maybe i am wrong...

Some new security changes is appear in new version Unilogic software and Unistream firmware also.

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well I guess that shows how long it's been since I last updated, 9.8.65 is what I've been using for quite a while...

like we always say, don't upgrade just because you can, but I wanted to check out some newer FB's so I installed the latest...

luckily I do my installs the "Flex Way", with Swapper pointing to virgin copies of each version...:rolleyes:

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