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Connecting Unilogic PLC to another device such as an amazon Fire tablet via USB-C to Ethernet converter

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Basically we installed our newest machine and an operator killed the HMI screen USL-070-B05. Lead time for a new unit from the factory is 16-18 weeks. I was able to use a laptop and VNC viewer to access the HMI temporarily but it's not a great long term solution considering the lead time. Does anyone know whether I could possible use a tablet or something similar as a temporary solution by converting Ethernet from the PLC to USB-C into the tablet and a VNC viewer on the tablet? Alternatively does anybody have any knowledge on getting the HMI screen repaired? The display screen seems undamaged, along with the digitizer but the outside touch screen has a major gash in it. I've included pictures. Thanks!




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I think a corded mouse is the best method because your errant operator can be reminded of their disaster every time they have to "inconveniently" use the corded mouse.  Suitable punishment.  Perhaps you could arrange the cord so that it occasionally wraps around their neck.    Oooops...did I say that?  😇

However, if it was truly an accident, maybe a screen protector of some sort might be in order?  And when I say "accident", it is because we have had cases on the forum where users touch the screen with the tip of a knife blade or similar, wonder why it quickly fails, yet deny doing anything wrong.

There have been various references to all sorts of protectors on the forum, and googling shows up lots as well, but if you do get one please come back to the forum with advice and thoughts.

cheers, Aus

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I tried to play with different options for replacing the Unitronics (Vision and Unistream) touch screen, but the available on the secondary market (not Unitronics) are only the touch screen for the V1210 (front sticker and touchscreen included). All other non-original touch screens I tested did not match the parameters used in different panels from Unitronics.

At the same time, I managed to buy the display screen themselves from third-party manufacturers and use them instead of the original ones. There are also problems with a working temperature range for non original screens. Almost all non-originals do not allow work at sub-zero temperatures.

Therefore, the only option for you is to order a front panel with a built-in touchscreen from the Unitronics seller.

In my country, I had the opportunity to see the ordered front panel with touch screens for Unistream and successfully replaced the damaged one.

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