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Unistream Data Table saving error


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I am using UNISTREAM USP-156-B10.  My UNILOGC version is 1.32.98.

I have created a program and in some parte it creates a LOG file. The Data Table stores Date, Time, a Message and some info (Line Voltage of the system) and Motor Running Hours. THere are several lines of this message created. Below some of them:





I tested this part of the program in my office in another UNISTREAM and it creates the table and stores it into a file located at an SD memory.


I created almost the same sample in my app, but it seems there is somethig going on there and the file is not being created at the SD card. Here´s the instruction:



I have used the STORE DTI to FILE Ladder instruction, and when creating the file, the STATUS Register returns to me -14 (it means append UDTF file Error)

My program file size is larger than the approved on this forum to share, so if someone wants, I may be able to send it in a ZIP file

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Problem has been solved. It seems there is a mistake in UNILOGIC. I say a mistake because it is not a Bug, since it has been reported about 3 years ago and it haven´t been solved yet.
In the STORE DTI to FILE function, you don´t have to choose CSV (letter F option2). When you select this option happens my case. 
You should select option 1 (to create UDTF, CSV, ZIP file all of them together) and it will work.
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@JOTA, I am sorry that you ran into this issue.
You are correct--it is not a bug, it is just the way it works...however, that was certainly not intuitive, and I am glad you found the correct solution.

I have clarified the Help which will be released with the next version. The topic now includes a better explanation and an example - this will help future users 🙂


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