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Automatically back to Main HMI


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Is there an funtcion that the HMI goes back to  his main screen after a setted time?

Normally it goes to the main HMI after powerup, but it would be nice if does also after i.e. 10 minutes no use of the HMI

Otherwise I can make it in the software to set a bit to activated the main screen.

But I was wondering if there is already an option that I can activate




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I create a duplicate of my start screen, but with a full screen "invisible" button with a "Last Screen" action. Then I use the system tag "General.Touched Bit" with a timer to trigger a project level action that loads my duplicate start screen ( "screen saver" ) and reduces the screen brightness, after 5 minutes with no touch screen activity. 

About the brightness...the change from 100% to 10% is barely noticeable. I wish it could be even dimmer

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I have test it by using the General.touched bit.

But when we touching the HMI this bit is not getting high.

While we using a PLC with a HMI connected by VNC I also tried to use General.VNC Touched Bit.

This remotely and local, but that bit also not getting high:




What can be the problem that the General.Touched bit is not getting high when touching the HMI?


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In the manner of VNC I'm just adding:

From version 30.XXX go to  "UniApps -> Network -> VNC Server -> Set 'touch bit'" check box and press apply. The VNC server will restart with the "touch" identification option and will set General. VNC Touched bit upon "touch" of a VNC client connected to UniStream 


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There is a screen saver built in. It is worth using because that is the only way I know of to de-active the back-light. Turning of the Back-Light is important since you only get 30k Hours or 50k Hours (depending on model). After that you a purchasing a new panel.

I would like to know how to detect a new VNC connection so I can deactivate the screen saver though. With the screen saver active a new VNC connection starts with a blank screen (until you click randomly).

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