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Decimal separator change from dot to comma?

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My name is Diego Vásquez and I hope you're healthy and safe.

I'm working on a project with Unilogic 1.32.98 with a PLC USP-070-B10 with CPU USC-P-B10.

I need to change decimal separator from dot to comma into the PLC because I'm exporting data into a .csv file and the decimal separator is generating problems when I open it into excel because It takes decimals as thousands.

Changing system separator from comma to dot solves the problem but it is not viable because my client is not willing to do it and that's why I need to change it into the PLC.

Thanks in advance.

Diego Vásquez C.

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I am re-launching this topic because I have the same problem.
I save at regular intervals a data table into a csv file with the ladder function : store DTI to File. I use the parameter F to 1.
When I export the csv file to import it in Excel, I have to manually replace all the dots by commas to use the results in excel formulas.

Is there a way to configure the decimal separator to indicate the comma and not the dot ?

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Thanks for the info but I'm already in decimal separator with the comma in excel. This works fine for data entry but not for a csv import into excel.
The automate saves the reals with a point as separator which is always present when importing into Excel. I then do an automatic replacement of the dot by a comma, it doesn't take much time but it has to be done every time, which is annoying.
The objective is to know if we can configure this decimal separator directly in the automate so that the real numbers are recorded with the comma as decimal separator!?.... any idea?

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It's an idea but it adds extra processing. On the principle it bothers me a little.
I have the impression that I can't do the configuration I want.
I have just tested the converter proposed by unitronics which allows to obtain an Excel compatible file from an udtf (Comma Separator) and it works. I will go with that for now.

Thanks for your help.

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