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Hello good morning,,
I am using an incremental encoder, using a fast input, the reading is configured and it is doing it correctly, but I need that when the power is lost or the machine is turned off, the value of the current reading is not erased, I would like to know What tool can I use to make this happen?

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On 7/27/2022 at 10:28 AM, kratmel said:

C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\HSC_ HSO


Sample project  for readings backup.

Thank you very much for your help, it helped me, but now I have a problem, the encoder counts if I turn it clockwise, and if I turn it anti-clockwise it counts, do you know how to make it count in one direction

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Hello good afternoon

I have a problem, we make the connection of the encoder and it is working fine, it adds on one side and subtracts on the other, it is correct.

but I have a difficulty, when I configure an output with the degrees of the encoder as in figure 1 between 90 and 180, it works correctly, or in a range between 1 and 359 degrees it works perfectly.

If I have to configure an output like example two between 280 and 50 degrees, where the output has to go through the value of zero, I don't know what tool to use so that the output works in these ranges without a problem.

could you help me?

work ok.png

picture 2.png

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  • MVP 2023

As i see you whant to build "absolute" 360deg. encoder with programmed CAMs.

You can use inverted correct working range started from 50 and stopped at 280deg. 

50 to 280 inverted = 280 to 50 in normal mode.

That is you program bit for this range and use inverted contact for activate needed tools.

Or use two splitted "corect" CAM from 280 to 359 & 0 to 50.



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