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Unreasonable large numbers in text box (webserver)


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Hi. i have a few variables in the plc that are in REAL, when adding them to the webserver hmi textbox, it prefills the object with "-9999999999.9" and i have added "text after": "mm/s".

The actual value would be like "1500 mm/s". But i get a warning in compile because i cant tell the object to only fit # of characters in this box.

This is one of the labels that are on the right side of the screen, and gets cut off by the end of the screen width and the unreasonable large number allocated space in the label, here "1500 mm/s" would fit in half the label width if i could specify the input format to like 5 digits..


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5 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

Is there a reason you can't use an integer instead of REAL?

This is the way the data is presented in the structs to and from other systems.

EDIT: also, for velocity for our unit, is in m/s and the target speed is 1.5, so real is needed here, imo.

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