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Register MODBUS V350-J-TR6

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Hello, how can I see the modbus addresses are assigned during programming?
I am an end user of the device and I received this as an address table:
MB3150 alarm synthesis Threshold 1 Bool 0 1
MB3151 alarm synthesis Threshold 2 Bool 0 1
MB3152 Synthesis of sensor fault Bool 0 1
I don't know how to translate this for a com with my Flexy 205 
and I didn't have the com parameters either; address, port, speed...
how can i get rid of it?

thank you

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In the Unitroncis Vision PLC, all the  MB's (Memory Bits)     and MI's  ( Memory integers ) used   are accessable by Modbus Reads and Writes.

   MB's  are Modbus Coils              MB3150     is Modbus Coil    3160

   MI's  are Modbus Registers      MI 100        is Modbus Register   100

For efficiency of Modbus Reads and Writes, the programmer will probably lump   MB's and MI's  in groups that they know will be  Sent or Read by Modbus commands.

Getting the Com Parameters

       Ask the supplier of the PLC.


The way of checking for the Com Parameters  is via the Info Mode.

      On a touch screen PLC, press an area of the screen not activly used for touch for about  6-9 seconds.

              Enter Info Mode     -- Password 1111

                  Choose Serial or Ethernet    and explore.



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