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How to change hours without download.

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you can also log in with visilogic and under connection / communication & OS/ In the Gear tab, set RTC 

that will sync the PLC time with the computer time.




I f your customer is in another country you could use team viewer or something like that to access to a remote computer that will be connected to the PLC... assuming that you or your customer have one for that.


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OR....make one screen that is just for setting up the clock.  It's easy to do.   For example, setting the hours and minutes,  a keyboard numeric entry with numbers restricted to 0 to 2359, and then the linked MI being  used in a direct store to SI31.  

I've had this for years, and the thing that stands out for me doing this method is that if there is an incorrect entry in the field, like a time of 2186, the plc won't accept it.  But if the time entry is correct, it does.

Note the Plus/Minus was the convenient key to use in the example, nothing to do with actually altering the numbers in this case.

Also, if the time zones are a long way apart, repeat runs of manual entry to stop the day rolling over incorrectly will let the days look after themselves.  Or do the same storage method for the other SIs involved.  You can use the same MI for different things, just changing what button you use, which changes what SI is written to.  Again, if the entry is incorrect, the plc won't accept it.

cheers, Aus




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