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Setting up remote operator for I phone app


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I downloaded the app for remote access and went through the steps. I found the PLC name, TCP port number, and the IP address, on the TCP/IP projects settings. I am still getting a connection error. My Ethernet connection is good is there any remote access software I need or should I talk to my I.T. Department? 

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The relevant question that has not yet been asked is "What model PLC is it?"   Remote doesn't work for some smaller models.  This is not made clear at all until you find out after lots of frustration and heartache trying to connect.

cheers, Aus

And a later edit, I note that the app help file does now show the list of models. When I was first trying the app just after it was released,  there was no mention of this limitation at all.

Have a look at this topic...    https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/4218-remote-operator-on-pc-works-but-android-version-does-not/?do=findComment&comment=15486


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Let's suppose that PLC model allow Remote connection.

To access PLC on internal network, you should use WiFi connection to company network.

*You cannot reach company internal IP addresses from Internet until IT will allow port forwarding for such connection.

*You may need to temporary disable Cellular Data to reliably connect to PLC.


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