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Jazz 20 connection problem


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I have JZ20-J-R31 unit. I want to program it, but it does not seem to connect to PC. I have mini USB to standart USB cable. I put cable into PLC and into PC, no sound,  no reaction. Tried to install drivers, searched forum,  nothing helps. But i have question, no one asked yet i think, do this PLC have to be powered on when programing, i mean do i need to put power to V+ V0 (24vdc) terminals to program it?Or it should work without power? (From usb port power?) 

thank you very much

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  • MVP 2023

You must connect power to Jazz PLC power connector.

If powered PLC do not connect - please check USB cable also. Some cable have only two conductor for USB device charging.

If no connect with tested cable - please go to Info mode (via "i" button  long press and 1111 pasword) - search for communication settings and try to switch PLC to STOP mode.

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1. Unitronics recommend to use USB-2.0 sertified USB cable of good quality, not "junk".

USB cable should have twisted pair at Data lines (preferred with schield), and common schield.

With good USB cable you will have no problem of communication.

1. To use USB connection, you have to install USB driver before you connect USB cable.

Wgen connected USB cable before installing USB driver from PLC communication settings, it may not work properly.

So you have to uninstall not-Unitronics driver before installing Unitronics driver.

*You have to run Uimage.png90Ladder as Administrator to properly install USB driver and properlu work with U90Ladder

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  • MVP 2023

Sometimes it is exceedingly difficult to remove incorrect drivers from Windows.  As mentioned before on the forum, this VERY powerful and useful program, that should be treated and used with utmost care, can be very useful. 

Search for DeviceRemoverSetup.exe  and carefully go over any resultant downloads with your A/V before installing.  The real thing is about 5.6Mb.

cheers, Aus

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