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Controlling Linear Actuators over Ethernet

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Hello All,

I have a vision 700 display and I am trying to control some linear actuators over Ethernet from the screen. Has anyone ever attempted this type of control? I'm using the Unitronics to replace some Allen Bradley stuff which is what was controlling the actuators before. Just looking for some help with the handshake and how to send and receive messages. Thanks.

TIPS-110130 ACON PCON C_CG Ethernet IP Setup.pdf

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The manual you provided states that it's for Ethernet/IP communication between a AB unit and the IAI actuator.    The V700 doesn't support Ethernet/IP communication protocol.   I'd recommend looking at a UniStream(US7 series if you want the same size display) as it supports the required protocol and with the supplied manual you should be able to created the required structs to establish the Ethernet/IP communication.

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16 minutes ago, garydreppert said:

According to all the documentation I have it does. I am able to get the vision 700 to connect to the actuator controller I'm just having trouble figuring out how to send receive messages between the 2.

You might be able to get it to connect to the IP address, however you not going to be establish an IO connection to pass data with  explicit or implicit messaging as the Vision series doesn't support Ethernet/IP protocol.     It supports Ethernet TCP/IP (which is something entirely different), or Modbus TCP as Ethernet communication protocols.

Unitronics built Ethernet/IP communication into the UniStream series of controllers, I'd recommend contacting your local distributor and seeing about getting one of them to do this as it supports the required protocol.


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According to IAI 

EtherNet/IP PCON ACON Controllers - IAI America (intelligentactuator.com)

that is specifically designed to use ETHERNET- IP which is proprietary AB protocol.

having said that you could:

a) replace the controller.

b) get another PLC with Ethernet-IP protocol.

c) get an Ethernet-IP to Modbus TCP converter.

all of those 3 options will probably cost about the same.

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Good Morning,

I have finally been able to return to this project using IAI's RCON controller with MODBUS RTU protocol. I am working through configuring this on the V700 side of things and I have referenced the example program but have made a couple modications. I have the ethernet card initialized, I am initalized on socket 2 port 502.  When I test the read function the staus message goes to 0 as it should and the acknowledge message increments when I press the button. However, on the write function I am trying a loopback test I am getting a 7 on the status message and am not sure why? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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I am on an older version of visilogic, so I couldn't open your project, but I think I may know what could be happening:


* Messages 6, 7, and 11mean that the master has found incompatible elements in the data sent between master and slave.

Are you using the correct function code to write on the Modbus slave?

remember that on Modbus are different type of write functions: 

What is Modbus and How does it work? | Schneider Electric USA

I had a similar problem once while trying to communicate with 2 devices (for one was using write coils, for the other write holding registers) and somehow, I got the IP addresses of each one mixed. 

so, I think I was trying to write holding registers on a coil address which of course was not available in the selected slave device.



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