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Is it possible to brick an EX-RC1 during a ladder download?  I am just learning Visilogic and do not have much experience with PLC's, so I make little adjustments to my ladder then download it to see the results.  My current setup is a Vision 280 (ID#1), the EX-RC1 (ID#2) connected via CANbus, and an IO-ATC8 set up for thermocouples.  I have downloaded to both units several times so I know my connection are correct.  When I encountered the problem I had changed the STRUCT(collect) in the IN module to MI's for the analog inputs.  I seem to have done it incorrectly because the download did not even finish and communication was lost.  I can connect the programming cable to the V280 and it talks fine so it is definitely the EX-RC1.  If I go to Connections->Communication & OS and hit 'Get OPLC Information' it times out and gives 'Communication Driver Error (206)'.

I would have expected an error of some sort, but to kill it seems pretty extreme.


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I’ve seen PLC brick during O/S updates but never during a program down load.   A EX-RC1 is basically a stripped down V120.

I’d try the following 


1) what baud rate is your communication set to?   If you communicating with an EX-RC1 it should be 57600


2) If you can’t get communication established with the EX-RC1 via a serial link , yet you are able to communicate with the V280.  You should be able to use the V280 as a bridge to talk to the EX-RC1 over the CanBus connection.    You would need to look at your communication setting and change from a direct connection to a Within Network.    Then select the ID of the node (in your case 2) to communicate with. Try getting the OPLC information.  It should come back with the EX-RC1.   You should now be able to down load as normal.





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Eventually you can make a Ladder loop which cannot be stopped.

Power-off EX-RC1 unit,

Change DIP switches to ID=0.

This force EX-RC1 to STOP mode.

Check communication.

Load empty project, or project with counter.

Power-off EX-RC1 and change ID to any number, but not 0.

Power-on EX-RC1, enter ONLINE mode and check that EX-RC1 works.

Review your code to find possible problem.

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Thank you all for the responses.  The solution that worked is the one presented by AlexUT.  Apparently my lack of understanding how to use STRUCT made the unit mad and it wanted me to cry.  Back to the help files and video tutorials.

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