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Find ou how to edit a MI value in Visilogic project

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Hello. I have a micro hydro power generator which is contorolled by Unitronics V570 and programmed with Visilogic 9.6. I cannot ask the programmer so I hope someone in this forum can help me.

My problem is that this Visilogic project is made for a bigger hydro power generator, so there is a deadband setting in the program that is set to 3kw of deadband, and that is too much for my little generator. The deadband is in use when the generator output is regulated with P.I.D control and regulating according to water level in the water intake dam at the top. I want to be able to set the deadband to 1 kw. In the HMI there is a value of 3 kw, and i can cahange the value in the HMI, but when i push the save button it moves back to the value of 3 kw.

I cannot find any place in the ladder code where to find and edit that deadband. I have found the address(MI697), but I dont have the knowledge to find out how to do this.

Does anyone have a idea how to find this out?


Best regard Kris

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You can use "Find Operand" option from Visilogic Menu for find any location where MI697  is used in project. Click on Find list you can navigate in ladder and HMI to find possible owerwrite with dedband value.

In HMI section of project you can find numeric variable and click on it.  Please check value in MIN MAX keypad entry position


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Thank you for help!

I tried the search function as you sgguested, and I pasted a screenshot of the result. As I am afraid of "regret" if I change something wrong in the project, I pasted a screenshot of the page you refered to. Do you think the edits are done some other plases than this since it has the numbers in it already??

The language is Norwegian.  Here are a little translations: Dødbånd = deadband, Nivå inntak = level water intake dam, Effekt = realtime power from generator, Pulslengde = pulslenght of the electric motor which regulates needle for water into hydro generator, Innenfor = within, Dyse = nozzle, settpunkt inntak = setpoint intake.

Do you think I can do changes and download it to the plc while running, or do I have to "download all & burn"?


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