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Warnings that are really suggestions - a Rant

Joe Tauser

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I just installed a copy of UniLogic 1.33.373 as I want my program to be compatible with the chipsets in the IO modules that are now shipping.  

I'm currently entering IO tags and descriptions.  As is my habit, I compile and save from time to time to make sure I'm not screwing something up.  I entered some tags and compiled with no code and got this "Warning":



Most programmers I know do their best to write their code so Warnings don't occur.  This particular Warning is not something I can make go away.  So like a good little boy I took the software's advice and implemented the System Error struct to log errors into a data table.  Surely this would make the UniLogic AI bot happy - 



But Nooooo!  


Hey, UniLogic AI bot!  Take a look at the "D" parameter!  A value of 1 means Async IS set to 'true'!

So I'm not even out of the chute yet and my program has Warnings.  Gah.

@Cara Bereck Levy - I see there's a "Messages" tab on the Error List window.  Could these suggestions possibly be directed there?  The Warnings tab is kind of hallowed ground.


Joe T.


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@Joe Tauser

The warning will appear when ever you use insert row, and it will increase the scan time even if it's async. The task still runs on the CPU.

We have recently had a customer that was not understanding why the scan time is so high, and he said that all he does is writing a DT Row. I said that he might be using insert row instead of write row, and he said "no". Then we saw that he uses insert row async.

When you insert a row, the CPU has to copy all the rows below to a new address. The more rows (data) it has the copy, the more the CPU will work .

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